Reviews for "EMIT"

Simply put, an excellent game!
The retro-style used here is indeed nostalgic and beautiful. The music is so apt and good. The gameplay is just super solid. The game mechanics work very smoothly without any issues, whatsoever, Haven't found any bug as well. A 5-star game in my opinion.

Art-style & grphics: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

A real gem brought up by the team here. Looking forward to seeing an even better (and bigger) sequel.
All the best!

Stix responds:

thank you!

This was literally amazing I don't get how people are so talented as to make this kind of stuff

easy but fun

Did anyone else have the urge to jump on those tetris blocks? because I can tell ya right now, its a bad idea.

This game is a fantastic game tugh easy fast paced bullet hell type game i personaly like it and the music is Fenomenal so this is a good game i completed it and every achievement got so ty for makeing this awesome game Good gameing guys

P.S.: if you want gold medals you need to don't be dye :3
Good luck :3