Reviews for "EMIT"

Nice music!

I don't usually like retro-style games that much, but this one was very good of its kind. The efforts that went into creating the various enemies and into the graphics really showed. Gameplay was fun, although I think the more advanced guns pretty much sucked - I died time and again using them until I collected enough money for the last one... Well, gotta love the boss pointing fingers at me and then shooting :)

So you just crash land on an unknown planet and your first instinct is to start firing your gun randomly?

You go up against the entire planet's defensive forces and yet you take damage from running into traffic cones.

Slightly too easy to my taste but very well done. A few more upgrades and perks culd have been nice.

this game is great.but i got no fucking medals for getting the golden gun,getting a gold medal,I didn't even get a fucking medal when i got gold on each stage.please fix this.