Reviews for "EMIT"

Good game!! Solid, simple, and very much fun!! :D

Man, everything was so fine, the concept, the art, the gameplay, everything.
The boss design is wonderful, it was definitely a work of an art. The first to the end was creative, the Tetris boss is one of the most original boss I ever seen so far.
And to be honest, the final boss caught me off guard, seriously did not expecting it! Awesome!

Too short for me though, and it will be better if we could have more upgrade, like add increase damage of each gun or something.

Overall, this game have really good concept and gameplay, it had great potential though something was bugging me, like "Rainbow Vessel" in the final stage, which had too much damage and it follow you for a while, it will be impossible to dodge it if the bullets filled the screen.

Keep up the good work, this is an awesome game :3

what the heck my stats erased :(

good game!i love the shotgun weapon but weak :(

So fucking laggy, laggy enough so I can't jump, which makes it impossible for me to beat the final boss. Sad.

This is a very fun run-and-gun game. The graphics are great. It first it seems easy, but then the difficulty increases greatly. The last boss was very challenging. The medals work, and I earned them all.