Reviews for "EMIT"

Voted 5. Half-star for 2 reasons :
1- A bit too easy...
2- The sound was way too high in comparison to the music. I'd recommend having a settings menu at all time to adjust audio vs music levels.

Other than that, great game!

Stix responds:

you can adjust the sfx and music volume in the Options tab of the main menu

bug found.
the last weapon is slow to load even with maximum reload speed level

This game is a fantastic game tugh easy fast paced bullet hell type game i personaly like it and the music is Fenomenal so this is a good game i completed it and every achievement got so ty for makeing this awesome game Good gameing guys

P.S.: if you want gold medals you need to don't be dye :3
Good luck :3

SUPERB but my stats ?!

Almost perfect! The things I noticed that were wrong with it were the short length and unexplained ending.