Reviews for "EMIT"

Great game! I couldn't stop playing until I beat it! Fun, frantic gameplay that ramps up fairly with some inventive bosses and addictive RPG elements. Well done!!

This is a gem of a game. the gameplay is great mixing in rpg elements that keeps players engaged. the music is upbeat and catchy. the 8bit style graphics are good. This is well crafted game that ill be playing for hours on end.

This is a grate game!!!

This is awesome :D Love it quite entertaining. Im new here and I realy want to make a game or do art but i dunno if they have a programe here where we can make games or draw like Devian Art Muro or something. How do you make these games? Or where do you do art?

Fuck her right in the pussy!...Also,very well done game sir,bravo.