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Reviews for "EMIT"

I liked playing it.

The last gun was not the best, rocket launcher was better, so changing the order would have been better i think.

What a blast. A great fusion of old sensibilities with new mechanics, not unlike many indie games coming out these days.

Music and effects are aweful. Only likeable base is the one played in Space. The game is difficult because the commands do not respond well in comparison with the damages you take (bullets are minuscule too wtf.). Overall, it is a waste of time, and an headache for the unbearable noise

Great game! I couldn't stop playing until I beat it! Fun, frantic gameplay that ramps up fairly with some inventive bosses and addictive RPG elements. Well done!!

This is a gem of a game. the gameplay is great mixing in rpg elements that keeps players engaged. the music is upbeat and catchy. the 8bit style graphics are good. This is well crafted game that ill be playing for hours on end.