Reviews for "EMIT"

Thanks for this game. Really fun little game. Love it

This is a great game, and you can immediately tell that a lot of hard work and attention to detail went into this entry.
It has all of the qualities that the classic games from the 8-bit era have and then some.
Everything from the graphics to the audio are top notch and create a fun and entertaining atmosphere.
As an added bonus you guys included medals to earn, much appreciated!
My only problem with this game is that it's a bit on the short side... but hey, it keeps the gamer wanting more so no big deal :D
Anyway, I hope you guys continue to make gems like this down the road.
Keep up the amazing work!

Loved the game! The concepts are simple but executed very well.

But I would also like to know where I can find the music used in the game. The Chip Music website just brings me to the front page. The final boss music was my favorite! c:

Stix responds:

you can find the song titles in the ending credits, or just search for the artist names on ChipMusic

Played the game on the laptop, without a mouse. Pretty fun and good graphics....Just a little too short.

the homing missles dont target the tetris blocks, aside from that fun game