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Reviews for "EMIT"

Why can't I jump using the up arrow?

Extremely well made. very few flash games are able to keep my attention for more than a few minutes. I had to unlock all the trophies before i could finally stop playing. now the golden gun is a little op, so i took off half a star, but rated you 5. very well made, not too long, not too short. nice little challenge. Music and sound was easy to deal with the entire time, and i can tell that you spent a very nice amount of time on both graphics and programming. I commend you on this game. GOOD JOB!!!

Stix responds:

thank you

I don't know if it is planned to be impossible to shoot while moving or is the laptop issue you mention in the description. If so, it needs an urgent update, not an external mouse.

Still a good game

a few of the enemies seemed impossible to dodge (final boss' fist pound, those guys with the red laser beams), but otherwise this was an amazing game. (i should add that the sniper rifle kinda sucked. perhaps make the bullets move faster)

Epic games guys. Glad i was able to test it.