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Reviews for "EMIT"

Well....i don't like it. it's not bad, it's just so average. You need no skill, just hold down the button. The boss fights are just plain boring, and the fact that in every level you have to fight one boss twice isn't helping. The rocket launcher makes no sense and the restriction of the movement just makes dodging unessecary stupid. I give credit for the music and the tetris boss. Also why not playing with a laptop without mouse?? I played it this way, it worked fine.

Also: Undodgeable attacks are a bitch!!

A very solid game, has good gameplay, but is a bit too easy, these are some things I feel need to be changed: Laser ships. These are straight up bullshit that you CANNOT dodge. The final boss. Far too easy. And the movement. Why is there movement restriction on how far right you can go? It just feels tedious instead of a solid decision.

goood game, the best boss (tetris) i've ever seen, and nice music, but bit too schort and this fuckin' endboss...

took a long time to load, but totally worth it.
I played through twice to get all the achievements and guns

One of the most addictive games I have played in a while.

Not to mention by Coolboyman. Sheesh who would have thought you'd go from making a bunch of hilariously bad collections of Tv show characters having sex with each other to a badass shoot em up game taking inspirations from Contra and Gunstar Heroes? I like it a lot and cant wait to see where you'll go from here