Reviews for "EMIT"

Eh, just sort of mediocre. I voted 4 because 3 would be too low because I played it all the way through, but just sort of uninspired.

A couple of minor gripes: it wasn't really that hard, the upgrade screen didn't come up automatically after finishing each round, the repetition of the mid--round bosses was annoying, the tetris homage was kinda funny but wasn't a good enemy at all, I wish that I knew that double-jump would be unlocked, the final boss was not challanging, the laser enemies were unavoidable, so on and so forth.

Not a bad effort, but a really good complete game.

:D this game is awesome

Nice Retro Platform Shooter.
That Contra Spreadgun Powerup made me laugh.

Very nicely coded too, works smooth as hell for me.

Stix responds:


Best GAME EVER! BEST Credit music ever too!!!!!!!!!!!

incredible! good programming, good art, good music! i love it!