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Reviews for "EMIT"

It was well made however there were a few issues (at least for me).
Often normal waves of enemies were harder then boss fights (or even mini bosses) which made boss fights feel incredibly slow.
Apart from this at a certain point in the game (sniper/homing missiles) the spread gun bonus started to feel more like a hindrance. - Which made it being the final gun feel kinda iffy

Eh, just sort of mediocre. I voted 4 because 3 would be too low because I played it all the way through, but just sort of uninspired.

A couple of minor gripes: it wasn't really that hard, the upgrade screen didn't come up automatically after finishing each round, the repetition of the mid--round bosses was annoying, the tetris homage was kinda funny but wasn't a good enemy at all, I wish that I knew that double-jump would be unlocked, the final boss was not challanging, the laser enemies were unavoidable, so on and so forth.

Not a bad effort, but a really good complete game.

:D this game is awesome

Nice Retro Platform Shooter.
That Contra Spreadgun Powerup made me laugh.

Very nicely coded too, works smooth as hell for me.

Stix responds:


Best GAME EVER! BEST Credit music ever too!!!!!!!!!!!