Reviews for "EMIT"

I had no idea what I was doing the first 3 minutes,But once I got the hang of it I enjoyed it alot! 3.5/5.

It was a really good game, truly enjoy it but one thing. I got the Golden Shower but not Gold teeth, what's up with that?

Despite the fact that the game was indeed short, it was still an outrageous game. Keep up the good work, my good man!

Fairly good, though i was level capped and had all weapons before Level 3, though replaying levels does that, especially early on in the game. Good graphics, good music, upgrades were decent, though i felt the game was short. Of course being a shooter, still a cracking good play. Well done.


I have NOTHING bad to say about this one.
Every conceivable category is a 5 for me.
Well done...