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Reviews for "Nothing To Hide"

5/5 10/10

but it overrides chrome! That s bad! had to write this review in a text editor and ctrl c ctrl v it to review! Bug Alert!

Awesome game! Very great mechanics, a fun and cute story - neat and clean art style.
The only problem I have is that I can't type while playing the game, because whenever it refocuses on the mouse, things go messy.
This can be solved by collapsing the game, so that's not a problem.

5/5 looking forward for more.

This is awesome! I like, that NG has allowed HTML5 games here. I can't find anything bad to say about this game other than, there were few puzzles, that I didn't get. Anyway, plot of the game is great, and I can see, how much potential this game has, and how much time has been put into it. This is also a rare case, since I don't usually give full picos AND full stars to a game.

5 picos and, 5 stars = Perfect.

Amazing. And I can't believe it's only the demo. They need to make the full game now

this was amazing! i would back it but i cant afford it, the only problem i had was the character speed was kinda slow but it might just me my computer