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Reviews for "Nothing To Hide"

RIP Nothing To Hide. It's sad to see you stopped getting worked on. Can't wait for a new final though!

Alas, I worry that Bentham's Panopticon and Foucault's analysis of panoptic systems in our society are slowly becoming more and more prevalent. Games like this really highlight why we must fight against constant surveillance, though I'd like to point out that some level of surveillance is what keeps our country running.

Wonderful and simple execution of a complicated topic. Makes it easily accessed by non-academic people :3 (and that's the most important part -- people who don't study things like this should know about it nonetheless because it is a very important issue in today's world of the Internet, CCTV, and drones.)

i love the art style

Great game! I love the dark humor and the concept, and the graphics, and the gameplay, everthing in this game! And it even introduces the newgrounds html api!

awesome game with a good story line 5/5