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Reviews for "Nothing To Hide"

this game laging to fock

This was a nice demo.

The graphics make me think of other games where one has to sneak around or light up the world in a sense to go farther ahead. The graphics have a mix of mystery and sad and happy to them.

The game play started out easy and gradually got harder and harder until getting to the last level of the demo. Having to get it to where all the eyes are where they need to be can be quite tricky. I ended up dying several times in the latter levels of this demo but I eventually figured where things needed to be in order to continue on.

The audio gave me a feeling of suspense as if you could stop being watched at any second and end up dying suddenly. The sounds for getting shot and only being shown to have hit with two darts doesn't really feel like it matched. If you're only getting hit by two darts, would it make more sense to add a gun like sound or clip the gun sound so it is only heard two times?

The story is rather heartbreaking, she feels the need to leave her abusive father and finds out he abuses and pushes EVERYONE around and that one has to find a way out of the system of being watched all the time.

Overall, great demo, I look forward to the full game.

This game is awesome especially the posting cinematic,
Once I keep playing this game it feels like this happened to someone, but it looks like the future