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Reviews for "Nothing To Hide"

This game is GREAT!!! I love the mechanics and just the general idea of an anti-stealth game. We NEED to get this backed!

Really Liked it, not only the gameplay was entertaining but I also liked the story, hope you guys get enough funding (i'll certainly help)

well shit man this is fucking sad....

great game! maybe inspired my pink floyds the wall album (because nobody sais that they are in "the wall" in the final level).
in case you didnt notice she sais that nobody need her and it is also said in the game that nobody cares about privecy and stuff,
well that nobody could be that same nobody that we find in the final level.

Poppy's dad made me sick. I hated how he was using his own daughter to boost his ratings, showing off to the world that he was a "Good Father" rather than actually being one.

The atmosphere of this game and its mechanics is horrifying, creepy, and paranoia inducing. Very well-done.

The crown jewel of all of this would have been the music. I love the mix of "Big Brother is always watching..." discordant lines alongside the ominous elevator music base. It really makes you feel the fakeness of it all, and makes me look like Poppy's avatar. (That nervous, paranoid look with the tiny eye is fantastic, by the way.)

The second of this would be the lore and advertisements you find. I loved how these notices and ads pop up as soon as you are within visibility, and I enjoy Poppy's comments about them and her new-found freedom. My favourites would have to be the "Glad I never did that." moment (hahahahah, I love it when devs poke fun at their players) and Nobody telling her she's not alone in her father's abuse. (Horrible, yes, but still pretty funny and kinda sweet.)

The ending with Nobody helping Poppy become like him was heartwarming and hopeful. I loved how Poppy's tears this time were of happiness. Another thing I loved was Nobody's mask, and how happy it looks.

I also enjoyed the expressions and the dialog. The ending was hilarious with Poppy's thoughts being broadcasted like that and the rapid fire nature of The Wall Updates. "I'm sorry for being sorry." and #DaddyDaughterMoments was brilliant. Way to go to make horribleness funny but still horrible!

Also, the opening with Poppy's escape and the introduction to her horrible life with The Wall scrolling was brilliant. Really great way to integrate both the subject and the story telling into one.

Third would be the game mechanics themselves. Funnily enough, I was thinking about a reversal of the standard myself, a survival game where the monsters attacked during the day and night was actually safe. Anyway, it's a very neat concept, and I loved its execution.

I found planning to be within LOS of the iEyes a real challenge, and having to use the environment to actually make myself be SEEN was an interesting exercise. My only gripes are:

1. It's not immediately obvious that areas with lines are "safe" zones.
2. There is no layering on with iEyes you're supposed to avoid. Even if the citizens aren't allowed to keep secrets, that doesn't mean the government can't, too. It would have been a real fascinating exercise, being seen by the right iEyes and avoiding the wrong ones, rather than always figuring out a way to be seen all the time.

Overall, unique, fun, very interesting, and a very slick demo. I love the social commentary and the creepy, all-too-real nature of it all, coupled with the amazing well-done cartoon graphics, exaggerated expressions, and the mix of horror and humour.