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Reviews for "Ds2: Rogue Warrior"

epic. just two things: first what is the music playing on the first half of the video? second how did you do this epic cinematic trailer like voice who is saying that stuff?

veselekov responds:

KyleJohnsonVA on YouTube. Check him out he is better than the regulars you see on this site. Music is by Protector 101.

1980s-like goodness woot =)

Of what would happen if Dark Souls II was actually a cartoon from the 1980s and the gaming company From Software was actually formed in America instead of Japan making cartoons from the 1980s as well as video games, this flash movie shows the results.

Personally I wouldn't be surprised if something like that happened over 30 years ago prior to the writing of this review in some other universe similar to this one where most stuff from 2010s and above in this universe was actually created in the 1980s in that other universe, just a crazy thought I got going of what would happen if.

Holy crap! Who knew recording something on a VHS tape woud make video and audio instantly vintage looking? Great work on this, it was surprising and new to see something retro and old!


"They took his Girl so he's taking their Souls" Lol EPIC !! this needs to follow through bro the people wants more the theme is perfect