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Reviews for "FlapBound"

I'm glad to say that you've certainly stayed true to the cult-classic RPG Earthbound. This game pays homage not only to the in-game art style but the overall feel of the game as well.

I'm getting real sick of this flappy bird bullshit, this was just a reskin of an already crappy game.

Very cool and nostalgic.

The Earthbound references definitely make me miss playing Earthbound and the Flappy Bird mechanics are well, the same as they should be. I like the rendition of the music (the Sanctuary Boss Music has a calm, yet smooth hip-hop feel, which is... aside the point) and the comedic value as well. There's really nothing wrong with it, and if you're saying it's too hard for you, the sorry, that's as it should be.

5/5 since I hate Flappy Birds, but it's a version of Flappy Birds mixed with one of the most beloved (and favorited) RPGs. Plus, the trippy background makes me, well, miss it all the more.

This game is very fun just like the original Flappy Bird. But my only complaint is the levels with the trippy backgrounds because the backgrounds distract me and I lose very quickly.