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Reviews for "FlapBound"

Damn I suck at flappybird... But I'm not going to rate the game badly just because /I/ suck.

5 seconds into playing I thought "Its just flappybird with a flying Ness head and EarthBound music." Then I saw the pop-ups at the bottom exactly like the game and I was like "INSTANT 4 STARS".

Despite its difficulty, this game is very good. 4.5 stars!

One of the better flappy bird clones. It actually feels refined and that you didn't just throw it together as fast as you could. Graphics and pixel perfect collision seem to add to the effect. You have my respect, good sir.

Only one small thing: The slanted roofs that were wider than on the original made it slightly harder, and more aggravating. Other than that, wonderful.

As annoying as these flappybird clones are I'll let this one slide for being somewhat creative....And its earthbound

This is amazing, never really liked flappybird, but always loved Earthbound! You are like the first person to really let me start playing something like flappy bird.

This is a great representation of Flappy Bird and EarthBound together. Love the backgrounds, music and how you incorporated lots of EarthBound elements in this. Overall I'll give it a 4.5. :D