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Reviews for "FlapBound"

Is there anymore presents after 60 and is there anyway to win this game or does it just go on and on forever? My high score is 113 :D

I really like the game!

EPIC! but... His Name is Ness not Nuss

Not bad at all.

to be honest, this is one of the way better flappy bird clones. having earthbound in it just made it that more enjoyable!

but the decapitated flappy ness head may be a tiny bit too much on the creepy side.

Best Flappy Bird clone out there. In fact, it's better than the original. There are levels, music and obstacles all based on EarthBound, unlike the original's very bland aesthetics. Heck, Nuss even sports Ness' cap. So overall, this greatly improves on the original Flappy Bird, and is an excellent homage to possibly my favourite RPG. I'm not giving my last half star because once you've unlocked the fifth level, that's it. I was hoping for a Winters level where you play as Jeff (or more appropriately: Juff), a Moonside level, and a Magicant level. Alas, I was left disappointed on that front. Still, it was a hell of a lot of fun whilst it lasted, good job. (Note: If more levels are added in future updates, I apologise for the criticism there)