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Reviews for "FlapBound"

It's odd that two of the most heavily parodied video games, Flappy Bird & Earthbound, would not only come together to make something that would have the word "inventive" even cross my mind, but also be the only game or movie in the parody genre to do so in 2014. Fantastic music, graphics and even game play that steps outside of the traditional flappy formula.

I see everything is remix too and there should be at least be a mute button and a hard mode. :D

Kcori responds:

The M key will mute the music.

song name? gameboy-nostalgia.

Kcori responds:

Every song in this game is a remix I made of an EarthBound tune.

If Flappy Bird and Earthbound had a baby, this is definitely what it should look like. The background graphics are amazing and the music is good on all the levels. Adding bonus levels as presents was cool, and pencils/pencil erasers were a great add-on the mechanics of Flappy Bird. My only complaint was that no other levels had the level of detail as did Onett. Why doesn't Saturnville have a hotsprings? This no Kay-O!

Really, though, this was cool, albeit short. 4 stars.

So addictive and fun, and definitely the best Flappy Bird parody out there. Taking elements from probably the most simple game I've ever played on the App Store and combining them with a game as memorable as Earthbound, you've managed to leave me addicted. Heck, my best score on FlapBound is 106. I certainly didn't have the motivation to get higher than 20 on the original Flappy Bird.