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Reviews for "FlapBound"

I. Love. Earthbound.

I. Hate. Flappybird.

This is actually a really sweet take on Flappy Bird.
Props for making such an awesome Earthbound themed game.
It makes me want to go play it again on the SNES, well done :D
Keep up the great work!

I hate flappy bird, but I totally love your game. Fix those laggy levels, but everything else is perfect. The music, the graphics 10/10 Don't make it harder as I read someone suggested, I think big numbers are ok and probably make you enjoy the game even if you can't make it to the high scores :)

Kcori responds:

I've gotten a few reports of lag, but I haven't experienced any myself. I'm not quite sure what could cause it to happen, even after playing the game for half an hour and keeping an eye on the framerate, CPU and memory usage. If anyone has more information on when and where the game lags, that would be really useful. Is it just on the levels with the trippy backgrounds? Browser and Flash version might also be useful to know.

Thanks for playing.

Except for the part where the game is super laggy, yeah it was decently fun...

I just have one suggestion. Whoever attempts this game should get a free bag of top-shelf weed because the only way this would be fun is if I was high as hell. F.U for wasting my time!