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Reviews for "Defend your king"

While it's an okay game, I feel like there's a lot of balancing issues that need to be worked out. Between what little I played and the past reviews I've glanced at, I can say that this is something I would enjoy...if there was a bit more work put into it.

Having only two guys to work with makes everything feel like such a chore. I don't know if you get more in later levels or lower difficulties, but even then it wouldn't matter. The task of having to have the guy manually walk downstairs to change his class is so time consuming that one or two extra guys wouldn't make much of a difference. Maybe if their walking speed wasn't so slow or they could change between classes on the fly then I could get down with this. Otherwise, the whole system just feels cumbersome and a chore to deal with.

Overall, there's potential for something good here, but in it's current form I can't find as much enjoyment as I'd like to from it. A good effort, though.

This seems to have a fairly low rating for something that won Daily Feature. For the most part, I do like this. It's probably because of how well it's put together. I really enjoy seeing these little guys move around. It did take awhile for me to really get into the mood of everything. I think the gameplay's pretty good.

The enemy seems to really sneak up on you in this. I forgot that only one of my players can actually fight the attackers. It's weird to have to defend a king. I guess it is easier than an entire building. The little voice bits were nice too.

Great potential! Like some others have said, the game felt a little slow. It needs a 2x button/option to speed up the combat and walking.

Didn't like the fact you had to buy upgrades after unlocking them with stars.

I had a pretty difficult time even on the easiest mode, maybe the option of being able to buy more units to defend your castle would help.

I like it, the only thing i don't like is that i have to buy all the stuff i unlock each level, i did not find that rewarding at all.. cause it doesn't feel like a reward if it just unlock it for me to buy it, i played till lvl 3 and then got bored
Also the dialog queues are the same as ezreal and skyrim and stuff

Really good game, however I'm not a fan of the upgrade system.
I don't see the point of buying an upgrade over and over again if you can't keep it

komizart responds:

After you complete first level and got few stars, you can unlock upgrades in castle select screen. And then you can buy it in game if you have enough money.