Reviews for "Make my day"

This animation was wonderful and I like how there was use of frame by frame style animation mixed with the wonderful backgrounds and all. The one thing I really wanted to point off the bat is why not link to the Nightmare Night song used in this animation? Pretty sure WoodenToaster/GIaze has it on their soundcloud and youtue account. Now that I've said that, on to the rest of the review.

The animation is nice. I like the frame by frame usage like I said earlier. The pills fading out in his stomach and his face suddenly coming into existence is good. Seeing how his face is seen to not be visible unless he injects himself with a serum, I have to wonder, what causes this to happen to him? Is it a nightmare or dream like the rest of the story seems to be?

The story is interesting. He wakes up and just goes about his job and suddenly is able to make the world a happier place. However, he suddenly finds himself drained of happiness it seems by giving it to everyone else and sacrificing his own happiness as he returns to the nightmare he seems to be used to. Sad to see in the end, his life is apparently a nightmare, no matter what he does.

The audio was fitting and I liked how it smoothly transitioned from one tune to the next one. Just hearing the sound effects of a water faucet being turned on is good. However, if that got a sound with it, why didn't most of the other stuff?

Overall, good animation, aside from me nitpicking in regards to audio, this turned out to be very good. Have fun with future animations. :)

MihaP responds:

Thanks for the review! All the songs are from newgrounds and I always use Newgrounds for my source of music :)

All but fake faces

Right in the feelings. I think you used the appropiate music for every moment. And the faces... Simple expressions that made their job perfectly. I don't fully understand if the end is a happy one or a sad one, yet I guess that's part of it's magic.

You should not trust spells, or a Wish Granter.

Nice story.

You graphics are cool. Simple but clean.
Good facial expressions.
Amazing sounds
You've put work into your motions, I like that!