Reviews for "Make my day"


one might interpret this in different ways, possibly in different ways to what you may have intended

maybe it could be a statement on how nearly every job especially where you "interact" with customers
says at least once in their policy you need to be happy

but it seems like that's just incidental as i think that it could be the way a significant portion of the population is on some form of anti depressants, or some other prescribed mind altering drug

maybe we ignore that unhappiness, discontent and depression are more to do with your situation
unless you are ACTUALLY bipolar or unipolar which to be fair most arent

maybe there still taking something they got prescribed years ago for conducting themselves in an unfavourable manner at school, there are unintended side effects such as dependency and addiction and the fact they never learned to cope without it

i think that people are a bit overzealous when prescribing things that they might be better to overcome on their own

i dont want to sound like the tinfoil hat clan here but
seems like pharmaceutical companies reap alot of benefits from overzealous prescriptions (lifetime customers)

bottom line people just need to realise that life is crap often and feeling powerless gets to you
people just need to accept that as reality
not talking about people with actual disorders

wake up.
drop pills.
trip balls.
get fired.
come to your senses.
go home and kill yourself?

average day in the life of a ginger i guess

Nicely done, I love your animating style.
The idea in general is pretty good.
Keep making good animations, sir.

Slender man walks with us! 5/5 smooth animation

Wow even though it's a short animation but this is a great movie! Keep up the good work and 5/5 startz.!