Reviews for "Make my day"

Beautifully done.

WHAT but yeay loved it♥♥♥

I loved it! Not sure if I'm interpreting it right, but if I am, I love it! Either way, great animation, very fun to watch, and great music choice!

Very good short, i liked the story, expecially the twist.
The animation was good, not perfect but good, but you are in a good path for perfection
continue the good work

Woah what a twist... the eyes just slipping off his face, the darkness taking form, not sure if there's a message behind it all or if it'sjust meant for effect? Cause effectual it is! The music just enfornces the atmosphere, the motion when he's kicked back by a stream of blood, when the darkness takes form, when his smile appears again... it's eerie in an inexplicable way. Really nice work!