Reviews for "Megaman Spikes"

This flash is awful. The art style is bad, animation being sub par (but decent for a first time); the voice acting is awful and the jokes are entirely unfunny; the audio quality itself is okay, but that doesn't save any aspect of this animation. You get 1 1/2 stars, first flash or not. Work on it.

pretty groovy reg.

00:50 his hair looks like the batsign xD. and yea only four stars because I'm not part of the generation f megaman and the drawing style was not what I expected but it's still great! :D

Anyone else notice the white bat on the back of Dr. Wily's head at about 50 seconds?

Regyman responds:

That was intentional joke, like his hair is the shape of a bat :P

BIG FUCKING SOUND ALERT. Fucking end blew my ears out.