Reviews for "Bubble Command RTS v1.1"

Rosemary is a trap.

But this is pretty revolutionary amazing.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Yeah if this one takes off, I may do sequels with features such as the ability to choose either to spawn new bubbles or to retain bubble size so you can create giant bubbles. And maybe bubbles that can shoot. Thanks for playing and reviewing!

This was a more elaborate strategy game than I'd expected, the idea of bubbles was interesting, and I like how there's a story and characters as well as the strategic battles, all with names and settings. Steering the bubbles isn't so difficult when you can drag and select many at the same time, but how the different sizes move at different speed; how the enemy seems to move with different patters requires some strategical thinking. Simple idea; great execution. That Bubble Command logo is hella cool too.


josh-tamugaia responds:

Glad you like it!! Thanks for the review!

good game but they shulde be a butten to command all bubbles

josh-tamugaia responds:

Good idea!

Goodbye Horses.....

Nice song. Nice game too but it could use some sort of progression/upgrade system to make it feel like you're getting stronger as you go. It's kinda boring but a neat concept.

Overall not bad.

I felt the different speeds of the bubbles made it more annoying than it should have been, especially when you're chasing a little one but since its so much faster it gets away and grows again. It also caused moving a group to be terrible without separating sizes.

A little chaotic in my opinion; you have to grow your smaller bubbles, while defend yourself from incoming attacks, maneuvering the different sizes into position.

Perhaps if there was a set number of sizes the bubbles can grow into (1, 2, 3) and allowing a double click of a certain size to select all the bubbles of that size, the bubbles might be easier to maneuver.

josh-tamugaia responds:

noted. thanks