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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

Good concept, I just wish there was more to it than just clicking like actually playing the games

I know this is supposed to be a slowpaced game but oh my god this is a whole new level. $50 to start? $200 for an upgrade? How the crap?

I like the concept of games like this. simple and long and upgrades. This one reminds me alot of Cosmic Clicks by DarqTimmy though. Maybe you could do something more to differ it. There seems to be a bug I dont get any money. maybe there could also be another way to "Clicking" than the mouse alone. that would be nice. The games are s nice idear :)

Sure it's an idle game but that's about it. Very few upgrades, only options are to sit and wait or click on the screen. Basically, a way to get medals.

more features!