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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

Love the idea behind the game just wish it wasnt so slow xD

I'm not getting medals?

Oh, I got it now. You actually have to click on the game thingy to get active exp points.
You're welcome.

While Idle/clicking games can be fun at times as long as there's a reason to play it; this game sadly gets very stale for several reasons.

First off, earning money takes way too much time. One dollar for every 2000 video views? Even with a fan base of 600 you only get close to 800 views every 5 seconds. Even so, to make you wait until you get 200 dollars to upgrade your computer? After only starting with 50 dollars just to start making progress. By the time you actually need to upgrade your computer, your trailing behind by 190 dollars. And the idle points generator doesn't start adding more than one point until AFTER you upgrade your computer. No offense, but all of this takes up too much time. And the save system makes me worry that the flash player has crashed because it freezes the screen a bit. Someone mentioned a manual save method, and I agree with him/her.

I gave you half a star because the idea of the them of the game was interesting and what got me playing this game. But unless improvements are made, I will start losing interest. Keep on trying none the less.

I liked it I admit but seriously why do I only get money from every 2 THOUSAND clicks??? I mean,seriously it will take several real life weeks to for me to be able to get 200 $ to upgrade my PC atleast make it to 500 clicks or whatever or a go to work button?