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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

I'm not earning any money at all!

all medals did not work for me , i got the first eight. they pop up saying medal .next one to show up is 13 and i seen medal 15 pop up. as 39. is 40,pc 16, vids 68, hrs 28287, vid news 59000000000, fan 499875 and counting. pm me if and when medals fixed or if it is just me. 3 stars

It appears that once you reach a certain fanbase the money counter can't keep up. I'm currently at 1475146 fanbase, which should be 737.5 money / 5 seconds, however it appears that I'm not making any more then 500 money / 5 seconds. I haven't tested the numbers thoroughly, this is merely an observation, but perhaps this is a bug?
Otherwise interesting concept. Start is probably too slow, but it ramps up later on. Perhaps consider adding additional upgrades? Maybe ones to increase your idle EXP rate? Each new game offers only 1 additional EXP per click and the idle click is painfully slow which makes leveling up too slow in my opinion.
Love seeing all the old game titles as I level though.

I like the concept of the game, but there's a lot wrong here.
Graphically it's very unimpressive. It looks like it was slapped together in about five minutes with minimal consideration for aesthetics.
There's no sound to speak of at all, aside from a blip when you unlock a medal.
The pace of the game is slow. AGONIZINGLY slow. I understand the point of "idle" games--you set things up, then leave it alone for a while and check on it when you get a minute. But the other games that have popped up in this genre have a much faster pace than this.

Keep working on this and it could be a lot better. As it stands now, it's just not worth my time.

The money you get per 2000 videos is kinda ridiculous.