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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

This is poorly executed for several main points.
1: The game looks ugly, for a game that is meant to be played over a long period of time this is a major flaw, the presentation is horrible and there is nothing appealing to look at.
2: The game's "autosave feature" causes the game to freeze when it saves, in other words every 30 seconds the game freezes for a second or so, this gets irritating very fast especially for a game where you are meant to click a lot.
3: The entire premise behind the game is flawed, playing Pong is not the easiest thing to play, it does not automatically lead into playing snake which does not automatically lead into playing space invaders which does not automatically lead into playing asteroids which does not automatically lead into playing pacman. This trend continues.

For a moment here let's mention these choices of games, mainly pacman, pacman is an exceptionally difficult game that requires a lot of skill to pass by the first few levels. So how the hell would pacman be one of the easiest games on this?

No "skill in gaming" is not what this is about, this game is about how NEW a game is, not how hard it is. Which destroys the whole point of the foundation of improving your skill with games being the main thing to improve with clicks! If you can't get what you are CLICKING correct in a CLICKING game then the game is pointless.

Sorta like cookie clicker. The game is fair. I will say 4.5/5 due to graphics.

A fair warning to anyone who wants to get ALL the medals, expect to be playing this game for days on end, it is really THAT time consuming to play. Now onto the review itself.

The graphics are rather simple which is pretty fair I guess given you do not want to distract the player that much with a bunch of unnecessary things.

The game itself though is just terrible and terribly slow all around.

Starting with only 50 dollars to upgrade your idle skills and video count is just awful. Then when you need to upgrade your PC you are about 100+ dollars behind what you need for it so you have to sit there clicking on Duke Nukem for awhile to get the XP higher and all that unfun stuff.

Then around the skill level 15 and above things start to slowly get ridiculous over time requiring bigger and bigger gaps of time to be spent clicking to go up to the next skill level. Even with the idle level high enough to get around 30+ xp a second while you spam click the game, the time required to go up is still really long.

Unless you just really enjoy games that require you to idle around and waste a lot of time to get anywhere this game is not that much fun. I would not have minded if the amount of xp went up at a gradual pace but to suddenly make gaps that require more and more time (from a 200,000 xp needed gap to 300,000 xp needed gap is more time consuming than it sounds) is just bad.

The medals (all but 18 at the time of this review) are obtainable but for each of them to be only 5 points a piece especially considering all the time you need to spend on this game to get each one past the 10th medal feels like a real slap in the face. Could at least bump up how much each one is worth instead of keeping them all at 5. To spend that much time getting a medal only to see it is 5 points anyways is a waste of time and rather pitiful.

Overall, really bad game and poorly executed. While an idling game could be fun, this game pretty much takes idling games to its extremes and makes it far more time consuming than it needs to be and thus loses any fun it could have had after having to play for more than a day or so straight in a row. Unlike medal addict where there is a challenge to having to play days in a row to get medals, this game is just literal idling around and spam clicking your way to the next level. Not very fun at all... The comments are really misleading, there is really no dream to fulfill here unless you just like to spend hours idling and spam clicking the game box..

it is a really cool game it does take abit to make money but it speeds up after a little while

This is boring. Short said.