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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

great idea but a little bit flawed, i hope you make a sequel

This is a potentially good simulator but with little to offer.

No options.

Less features.

No full interaction.

Never ending click-fest.

horrible game, to be honest. to slow (by far) virtually no money gain, and no music. perhaps if you where to re upload it with boyh's suggestions and some decent music, then I would enjoy it more. as is, I am only playing for the achievements, and even at, thinking of just leaving those be.

How did you come up with progressions?

+ You build an idle game.
- Slow-starting game.
- Hard cap for money gained (conflicting with exponential growth idea).
- Decreasing effective gain for upgrades bought.
- Effectiveness of upgrades is bound to AS levels in addition to money.
- Increasing effective requirements for character progression, including ridiculous increases.

As many have mentioned, the game already starts out slow. Even if you could afford upgrades their effect is bound to Active skill (AS) level.
But there are real stoppers in this game. Since money isn't simply added to you current balance but instead counted to it the amount of money you can get in time is capped at the amount of money that can be counted within 14 seconds, e.g. for me that will cap at somewhere between 550-650. So that is one value that gets fixed at some point while the amount of money needed to buy stuff is growing exponentially. Efficiency of upgrades and character progression grows less than exponentially, i.e. going from the game giving some XP per click to the next only ever increases XP gain by one per click (up until level 41 so far). So the increase from AS level 20 to 21 is 5% while the increase of XP needed to advance increases likely between 9% and 35%. And then you get to AS level 41 - increase in XP gain 2.5% - and you are close to the maximum amount of money you can get per time and you were just able to buy the PC (prices of which still increase more than 40%) needed for the game that fits AS level 41. At that point your eyes move to XP needed for the next AS level and that is where you decide to write a bitter review and stop the game.
While the XP distances between AS levels so far, as said before, increased about 9%-35% the distance between level 41 and 42 increased 78372% from the distance between 40 to 41. Level 42 needs more than 100 times the XP needed for level 41. With more than about 40 hours spent in this game (in-game count 8700+) I don't see me spending what can only be described as an eternity.

Throughout the game progression is stumped by AS levels. Money gain is capped, deltas for upgrade efficiency are decreasing while deltas for upgrade prices and AS level requirements increase, sometimes ridiculously so.

So I will not get the top two medals and won't try for that intermediate one that I didn't get for some other than obvious reason.
Others have already commented on the strange medal values and graphical appeal.

Very slow, It takes WAY too long to earn money. Fix that and I feel like this could be pretty cool