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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

how to get money?

Guys (Particularly yound) you need a idle skill equal or greater than the skill required for that level in order to get more than 1 exp per sec

The levels following pacman only give 1exp instead of 6, 7, 8... exp. per sec. So I guess if there's a bug, it's somewhere around there. I seem to also get gold slightly faster if I stay on pacman.


The game is pretty decent when it comes to an idling game. It might be annoying and problematic for some, but it's fun and addicting for me. One thing I noticed is after getting my Idle skill to level 13, I still only get 1 xp per second. Don't know if its bug or if it's just me. The amount of different games chosen is also cool. The core mechanics of the game is built well and is fun. Heavily addicting, but can be frustrating at times. Overall I really like it.