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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

Could someone please tell me how to get money? I've been playing for a while and haven't gotten any. Other than the lack of money, this game isn't that bad.

wow this automatic saving thing really ruined the gameplay for me and was really annoying...

fix it and i might give it another try.

Can you PLEASE add a manual save button??

How do you get more vidios? I LOVE U BLOB ZONE

Blobzone responds:

You get more videos by buying them. (Upgrade Videos-Costs)

Ok, I'm done with this. I've had my computer up for 4 days with this running non-stop, and that's waaaaay too long.

Game Stats:
XP: 3,018,459
Next Level: 3,350,000
Hours Played: 16,033
Money: 609,000

Active Skill: 34
Idle Skill: 37
PC Level: 13
Videos: 65
Views: 1,230,061,120
Fanbase: 2,158,835

Upgrade PC: 372,092
Upgrade Gaming Equipment: 634,559
Upgrade Videos: 780,093

Level: Assassin's Creed
XP: 34

Medals earned: 4. It showed onscreen that I should have earned at least to medal #9, but it never showed up in my medals.

I understand the point of an Idle Game, but this is not an idle game. You have to click to get EXP, and even tho it eventually starts automatically, the values needed are just too high compared to what's coming in. You shouldn't have to babysit a good idle game.

I'd advise you to play your own games before submitting them here. If you're bored with it, then we're going to be more so, because you know when the next achievement is coming, where we are playing blind.

I'd also suggest setting it up to re-send the medals when the game is reloaded. That way, if one medal didn't show up, or if the connection was offline when a medal was earned, then the player has another chance at getting the medal they've earned.

No need to respond to this. I know you've put up another version from your responses. I just didn't want to stop this one to go to another one.

Blobzone responds:

Yes, i agree with you. Try out idle slayer, or idle pixel slayer if you like. The balancing there should be better.