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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

I stopped at Active Skill 12. Seems to be too difficult to progress once you need to upgrade your computer. I was only making 1 dollar every minute or so, and I can tell that as your fanbase grows, the speed of your views does as well, which I'm assuming all ties into an exponentially growing income. The problem is that it's very slow to accumulate in the beginning, and that's the only way to make money. Well, there's kinda a list of problems that I noticed actually.

- Like I said, slow income in the beginning.
- Costs for things increase to quickly based on the slow income.
- Idle Skill is useless.

Other small things I will note:

-Needs some sort of music
-More upgrades. Mindlessly clicking on one thing for hours is not how to make your game addicting.
-Hours played seems to be a useless bit of info.
-Have a brief tutorial explaining what each skill and such means - such as the idle skill increasing your XP over time.
-The "Costs" and then the number aren't next to each other, makes it seem a bit sloppy.
-Currency symbols

Good concept, I just wish there was more to it than just clicking like actually playing the games

Seems like a cool game but needs improvements
Maybe a tutorial because right now i'm a a bit lost :D
also maybe like sims newgrounds, add a fake computer and make videos, name it and lots of other stuff.
Anyway i feel like i will play a lot of this game.

I love the game topic
but man, "cookie clicker" is way too old

your style is ok but i expect more from a new programmer