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Reviews for "Idle Pro Gamer"

Can you balance the prices?

I was on Half-life 3, when my xp went back to 10000000. And I played just for the medals, I won't restart or even raise my xp back.

I missed at least one medal. Maybe I was offline then (I share internet from my phone's wi-fi), but still you should get the medals later.

No guide how to spend your money etc. . I used too much for pc after reading reviews.

Overall, a better than average idle game.

I like the main idea, but the difficult curve are pretty off.

This game needs balance.

Balancing is way off in this one. Upgrading the PC is too expensive, as the money only comes in very very slowly. It doesn't really help to upgrade the Video, since it too is a bit too expensive. 1 dollar for every 2000 "video clicks". It does take a lot of time to get the fanbase to at least 2000, so you get at least 1 dollar for every 6 seconds of waiting time, or so.

But still the PC is overly expensive. I will reach 20,000 XP to get to the level 4 games way before I can upgrade my PC to level 4, even if I just idle the game. Would be cool if you could lower the prices for the PC equipment a little bit.