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Reviews for "Oak Knows Best"

It was aight! The diff faces was a little overkill tho.

Killed by 2 rats and a pigeon, guess these people in Kanto really do need Pokemon when they go for walks in the field.

5 stars becouse of the poop joke at the end :3

It was kind of funny but I think you tried WAY to hard with the ZOMG FUNNY FACE kind of animation. I mean its not that I dont like it but you know there are other ways. Either way in terms of parody this was pretty fun I always wondered about this and itsd often not made fun of enough in pokemon :P

Narwelch responds:

I just think funny faces help keep it entertaining. Especially since there is mostly talking in this. It wouldn't be as fun to watch, or animate, with just basic facial expressions. I'm glad you liked it though. Thanks for the review!

You got it man! Always listen to Oak, he knows it all xD and by the way, nice job with the voice acting, even that it is your first time voiceacting your own animations, cool :D