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Reviews for "Oak Knows Best"

why is everyone copying that oney style with the faces?

Narwelch responds:

You do realize Oney didn't create the concept of funny faces in cartoons, right?

I thought it was just really slow and drawn-out, nothing was really moving very much, voices, though not terrible, were very bland, visuals were nothing to really look at and there wasn't really anything interesting, clever or unique about it overall.

Seems just about right. It would be like an overly drunk girl at an college sorority party without a tazer or mace.

omfg that was so stupid

and I loved it omfg

Nice job on your first animation, I dig it.
This is lowbrow humor and animation at its best, or worst... whichever is better!
The facial expressions and the fx on the voices = hilarity. XD
I'll be keeping a look out for your future projects.
Keep up the great work!

Narwelch responds:

Haha, thanks. The only fx on the voices was for the slow motion "pokemon" part. the "come back" part was all me. Anyways, thanks for the review! I'm already brainstorming my next idea. Just gotta work out the details of it.