Reviews for "Tomato Wont Give UP !!!!!"

Ok, I read your comment which says "The hand will come back after some time", but I have been sitting here for 5 minutes after destroying it and it has not come back.

its kinda too easy kus theres no way you lose

won't give up

For me this game was really bad. Whenever the timer was present the game would run extremely slow (if the timer wasn't there it was fine). I didn't really like the font that was used and the in between stages menu was scattered and all over the place. It also feels like the hand in the end doesn't come back. I've been waiting for awhile now and nothing is happening. I don't really like the design behind that.

its pretty good yeah, but in my opinion, the enemies could have been animated, maybe have them walking to increase difficulty in some parts of the game, this game is awesome, keep it up!

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