Reviews for "Bad Elmo 2: Elmo in Spaze"

Its funny when people are so serious in the comments, about a game thats so unserious. Good game though.

Pros: Very funny in terms of "Joke" game, the graphics don't matter this time.

Cons: You don't have recover time so a single enemy can drain your entire health meter, also slightly bad hit detection.


This game is quite funny. A pause button is needed, but the game is solid overall.

Might not be the best game in the world but very smooth, no lag, funky music and being able to urinate at will all add up to a great game. A tutorial might be in order even though you have the controls in the description :p

Though is a good concept I think, it should be improved. I don't understand what you have to do. I think I've to kill all monsters but I'm not sure. This game is good as joke not as game. So please, if you read this, next time try to add an objetive not a "playable joke". By the way, why do you need to collect coins? I don't see any store.

Magicalmonkeyguy responds:

the goal is to observe, have a chuckle, and go play another game.

How are you people still finding this?

I actually want to know.