Reviews for "Tails the Fox"

A couple things wrong with this game. Tails moves too quick so making him jump on enemy heads to kill them is annoying. You should have used the "up" key to jump and space to shoot rings or something. Checkpoints is a good idea too.

Ok lets start with the pros. PROS: The gameplay is good, the tutorial is funny, and I like what you did with the medals. CONS: The story sucks, and some of the medals can be nearly impossible. This is a good game, just bits and pieces could have been fixed.

It was a nice game but...
Tails should have a life bar and there should be checkpoints after completing each level ^.^

This game is fun and addictive. The gameplay is okay. Music dosen't really matter. The only thing that I didn't like is the storyline. It sucks in my opinion.

Anyone! How can i do a Konami code? Stuck on it