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Reviews for "Prelude to Destruction"

That swell....!

I was getting worried you weren't going to enter, I'm so glad you did! :)
My favorite part was where the staccato/slaps came in, I loved that! The mixing is awesome as well.
My only criticism would be the length of the song, really wish it was a bit longer because it's great.
Awesome work :D

Phonometrologist responds:

Yeah I was getting worried as well since I almost didn't make it. Glad you enjoyed as this was very fun to create. I think the part that you enjoyed the most is what makes this piece worthwhile to write. And that would be a valid criticism. This piece was primarily conceived because it serves as a prelude for another track that I probably won't be able to work on for another several months. The whole piano part is done, but I just would need to arrange/orchestrate the parts.

Yes! I've been waiting for you to post this :D
I can't access the preview anymore, so I can't compare. But I'm pretty sure you made some pretty awesome additions to this, as I don't remember the track being this... Expressive?
Then again, my memory is one thing that I usually don't trust too much XD
Either way, I like it.

I've been thinking about the third track that comes out of this same idea, hehhe. I think I'll do a complete basic version of it (similar to last time), and then perhaps send it to you, as well as the MIDI file? In that case, you could apply your mixing and intruments, as they are superior to mine, as well as some of your own additions if you feel like it, and perhaps some percussion?

You can take several months to do this if you want, with all the competitions and all going on and all, or suggest other ways to collab, as I'm open to all ideas :3
That's just my idea of one way to go about it without millions of PM's sent back and forth :)

Either way, I like this version of the track a lot, and I think the mixing is splendid too. I'll now go and review the track that I haven't heard before :D

Phonometrologist responds:

Well I did email the early sample of this piece to you. What I sent you did sound less expressive I suppose because it was primarily just Midi inputted via Sibelius. If it is more expressive than what you remember, it would perhaps be contributed to more dynamic, automation, and me actually playing the sample libraries on my keyboard to give it a more human touch. The percussion part derived from me actually playing along rather than just trying to match the actual tempo such as the loud toms. The collab that you and I will partake in from the series of this will be considered a Postlude I think. Like exit music is what I imagine it to be. It will be a pleasure to do so. Maybe I'll email you the original piano piece that I have yet to arrange/orchestrate so you can get an idea of the story/feeling of the track that our collab will derive from.

This seems more like level music to me for the first half, but second half it gets epic. Nice work, though it's kinda short. This might've worked better as a title track or menu music though, but whatever choice works. Very dynamic though and great work :)

Phonometrologist responds:

Yeah I was thinking that this fits more as a transition piece to a boss fight. I kind of look at it like if this is the music that represents a certain "boss" then it certainly could be a theme even if it's meant to only introduce this character. Thanks for the comment

Great song. I like the instrumentation, with the echo on the piano and xylophone (is it?) Makes it sound very mysterious. It has a long introduction. It could be a boss theme if you hear the section after 52 seconds, but then it doesn't loop very well, because it becomes more quiet near the end, and starts with the introduction. More like a cutscene in preparation of a boss fight, or something like that, than an actual bossfight, because the action driven part only takes up 50% of the song. Would work in a film as well. Good luck with the contest! I think you have a fair chance!

Phonometrologist responds:

that echo sound instrument was just some yamaha thing on my keyboard that I recorded audio for, and I used a bit of sample delay to get a stereo image. So i really don't know what it is lol
I think you're spot on too with this being like a preparation piece of a boss fight. Kind of like when we first get introduced to that character but the fighting actually happens later in the game hence "prelude" being the title. Thank you for listening!