Reviews for "Toilet Success 2"

physics of the fluids were awkward and trajectory versus where your pointing was funny too. poor graphics, mildly humourous

i like the message that this game has. Piss on your enemies. shockingly shit game though. you could even say it was piss poor

not really.


I didn't expect it to be good, in fact I came into this game expecting it to be bad. If you don't even give a game a chance though, you will never know. So I tried it...and it was terrible. The controls felt weird, my courser kept going off screen and messing things up. The art was okay, but the stick figures faces were so poorly drawn, I give it the art two stars at best. But the concept was the worst thing, avoid of any real story or plot, just save your enemies who would probably try to kill you again, by pissing in their mouth. Trying not to act like a jerk, but I just don't see anything good about this game, it is just a time waster at best. I am sorry if I offended anyone.