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Reviews for "Venusian Vengeance Final"

I love this series. I keep playing them over, and over. This would be so cool on an NES (8-bit) cart. Please, PLEASE make more. I can't get enough. Thank you so, so much for putting this on Newgrounds. Voted you a fiver, as should anyone else. This is gaming at it's finest. =-D

malec2b responds:

Thanks! I've got a bunch of other projects in the works, but I've definitely got some ideas for some more Sgt. Jon Dagger adventures (as well as possibly some other stuff in this Venus setting).

So stoked that the next episode is here!
But also bummed that it's the final one :(
I've had a lot of fun playing this series, and I've really come to like your style of games.
So I'll definitely be looking forward to your next project.
Keep up the amazing work!

malec2b responds:

Thanks a lot! Glad you've been enjoying.

I love the final episode! 10 note.

Fun for a bit but really repetitive.

The enemies are less satisfying in this episode, with their erratic and random movement, taking lots of direct hits and moving way faster than the player and teleporting. It detracts from the feeling skill required to off them, and makes it feel a bit random when you're killed with little hope of avoiding taking damage.