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Reviews for "Flappy Jon"

how do you play this game. it makes no sense to me. i got 0 medals all i do is click and die

Holon responds:

There's an instructions button if you need it. Just roll over it and the instructions will be displayed.

In a nutshell, click to jump and avoid crashing into the ground or into the buildings. It's just like Flappy Bird (hence why it's called Flappy Jon - it's a Flappy Bird clone...).

Now that you know how to play, you'll find that the medals are "easy", according to TheTom12 (first reviewer). Though some others say some medals are tougher than others (I agree with them).


Damn, how do you get the "Stahp" medal? I have no idea.
This was a fun little clone of Flappy Bird, the medals are tough but possible seeing as there were a number of people who got the hardest one, the music was entertaining and was a part of the reason i didn't just leave after playing it once.
Meh, i don't think this deserves to be blammed, some people might enjoy this game quite a lot and at least it has medals.

This is the scariest thing I have ever played in my entire life.

Holon responds:

Tell me about it... And I know Jon in real life. o.0

To be honest this is not the worst thing ever
love that there's actually music in this game and of course its scat man
Its good
and its like strawberry clock its supposed to be stupid
but those medals are impossible man

Holon responds:

Thanks! Your review is well appreciated.

laa weeey xd es bizarro y genial :v