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Reviews for "Flappy Jon"

not bad :D

i wuv it

This game is honestly pretty fun, or at least I thought so.
It's a decently made Flappy Bird clone, but it doesn't really bring anything new, which is fine by me. If anything, the game is too easy, as the gaps are quite large and your jump doesn't really bring you that high, so every time I died it was because I wasn't paying attention.
I don't think there's any impossible gaps to make, so that's good. I think my high score is a bit over 19k, which might be the high score, so that's cool.
With a bit of practice, anyone can be good at this game. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable experience, so I'll give it 3.5 stars.

Interesting game. Flappy Birds copy. Okay music. Some medals. The creator should change the weird background. My rating is 3.5 stars at best.

don't know how to play this game, and for some reason you can't click on how to play. Musics ok other than that you need some kind of instructions for the game and some kind of controls.

Holon responds:

Rolling over the How to Play button shows the simple instructions.

It's kinda hard to neglect the instructions popping up when you were trying to click the button (you should've at least rolled over the button while trying to click it. If not, then....), but I'll keep in mind to make them stand out more if I ever do something like that again with the instructions. Thanks!