Reviews for "GatherX"

Great!! in my opinion better than cookie clicker :D

Coolboyman responds:

Glad ya liked it!

it's a good game, I really love it ...i just can suggest to change the tabEnabled property into the script..otherwise someone might use tabKey to go on the axe fish or pickaxe button and just hold enter key pressed until energy run out

Coolboyman responds:

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I fixed it and I'm waiting for the new version to replace the old one.

ATTENTION: Use an auto clicker to avoid having your finger falling off :3
google "runescape auto clicker" should be the first one up there, be cautious though, you might want to pay close attention to where the mouse is at all times, other wise you'll open up 1,000,000,000 popups in the blink of an eye if you click the wrong place ^_^
Other than that, great game, didn't get bored of it at all, the animations were nice and smooth, no FPS problems, nice stratedgy/manage your money type game. 5 stars!

fuck it, i didn't want to sleep tonight anyway

good one