Reviews for "GatherX"

Very addicting, brother. Glad to see it on NG so everyone else can waste half their day like me. ;)

Coolboyman responds:

Glad you found it fun my clock brother.

needs a 'sell all' button

Very addictive, but I'm gonna kill myself. After gathering 3/4 of the medals in 2 hours, my computer crashed, and I have to re-do it from the beginning. Kill me.

7:15:56!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! divided between 2 days lol- only concern about this, is that some of the upgrades cost ridiculously too much, but WHATEV! guess i wasn't a money-making machine
really liked the artwork by the way
now i'm gonna go put a brace on my wrist and call in from work

To be honest; i cheated. 1hr 50 mins All upgrades
only a few complaints for this game and that was bound to the initial descriptions of powerups for yourself. Will come back for another round one day though.