Reviews for "GatherX"

Had to give ya 5 . Can't believe I actually played this for 3 1/2 hours. Got all but the 50k clicks, I did 33,000 clicks. LOL. Was fun, thanks !

Coolboyman responds:

Glad you enjoyed the ride!

Did it in 3 hours 43 mins and 50,792 secs and loved every painstaking click of the mouse. My fingertips are skinned, my arms all stiff and spasmy, my eyes burn and I have that DANG music stuck in my brain... But I feel it was worth it!

3 hours and 5 minutes, my hand, hurts,,,, a kit.... worth it.

woo. mad it in just over two and a half hours. ring finger is killing me. maybe make it so we can spend energy faster with less clicking?

Love it so much. Be ready to go through several mouses to beat though haha