Reviews for "GatherX"

Just left this running all night long... woke up and that made it a lot easier.

My hand hurts i played 3 hours.
It was a really good game.

Very interesting and unique concept, the graphics look really realistic. It kind of reminds me of games like cookie clicker, were you have to click on something that will give you stuff that you can use to buy upgrades, to be able to get the stuff even quicker.

I spend days on this, not because it took me that much time to complete but, because I just want to keep playing it so much.

yeah i played it its fun but hard to click actualy

Great game! Loved it, the art, the upgrades, the music. They were all great. And I love me a game with lots of upgrades :3
I didn't know you could continue playing after cutting down the beanstalk xD so I concetrated on getting all the upgrades first. But I would've done that anyway, awesome game, good work!