Reviews for "GatherX"

good music, good graphics, good upgrade system, boring game. No real storyline, just clicking the mouse repeatedly.

Coolboyman responds:

It's all good, this game isn't for everybody.

Not bad in terms of a time waster, I kept thinking back to cookie clicker in terms of excessive clicking.

I felt like there should have been more upgrades to be idle. Also a better ending would have been nice at least something in terms of the opening story. Finished in 1:22. Mouse keys ftw.

For those tired of clicking way to much try mouse keys. In windows 7 shift+alt+num lock will activate them. After that, 5 on the numpad = 1 click, + on the numpad = doubleclick. Press 5 and + at the same time and it will click rapidly til you let go.

Only problem I found with using mouse keys is it doesn't always count the clicks so I ended with only 1741 clicks.

Yeah ending was not worth the effort. Beat the game in 2 h 8 min using a macro that auto clicked for me. Ended up with 46k clicks. The macro saved my computer mouse from dying.

*Tip* Don't upgrade quality of fish just cooking quality because they all give you the same amount of energy when eaten.
*Dynamite is worth the cost.
*The arrow launcher attacks the bean stock and does more damage then the logger.
*Don't even start cutting down the bean stock until the axe is fully upgraded.
*Fisherman, miner, and woodcutter is not worth upgrading unless you plan to leave the game on over night.
*Upgrading ore quality and mining efficiency is worth every penny.

My advise for the next game if your going to make the people click for everything at least make the game short. Better yet make it a challenge to see how fast people can beat the game no more then 30 minutes. The graphics were good didn't listen to the sound much but it does seem like it has quality.

Nice art, solid programming, limited gameplay (what there was is alright, for what it is). Almost no story. Worst thing is probably the clicking achievement (50,000 clicks). I beat the game in less than 15k clicks, getting every other achievement except that one.

Why would you punish someone for being good at their game by asking them to click meaninglessly 35,000 times to get an achievement? It wasn't even done thoughtfully or entertainingly like some games.

medals 10,11,15,17 and 18 did not work even thou i got the pop up. it would be nice if after all iten bought if you could sell your extra coins for clicks, 3 stars. pm me if medals are fixed

Coolboyman responds:

If you clear your cache (not cookies) and reload the page, go to the achievements menu, you'll get your achievements then.